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War Jetz Cheats, Codes & Guides

War Jetz Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    All codes and levels unlocked: SPRLZY
    All codes unlocked: TWLVCHTS
    Level select: JMPTT
    Invincibility: DNGDM
    Super armor: MRRMR
    Faster jets: ZPPY
    Big guns: HMMR
    Huge guns: QD
    Rapid fire: FRHS
    Speed shots: NSTNT
    Dual fire: NDBMBS
    Spin shots: DZZY
    Shields when rolling: SCRW
    Top gun mode: DH
    Overlords mode: VRLRDS
    Valhalla mode: WNRLFST
    Ghost mode: SNKY
    Double Bux: TWFSTD
    Add 10 Bux: WNNNGS
    Weapon level-up at 3: PYRS
    Switch planes: NDCSN
    Instant win: SMSHNG
    Show boxes: BXDRW
    Show waypoints: WYPNT
    All FMV sequences: GRTD
    Make Plane Hover - SSPNDRS
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  • Level Passcodes

    Australia 1 MHZKWTJMQBQM
    Australia 2 ZBCKXPBHNBQM
    Australia 3 LDRKXYFZTBQM
    Thailand 1 ZHHKXJJTBBQM
    Thailand 2 TBPKYZBVHBQM
    Thailand 3 KFFPJRFNPBQN
    Rhine River 1 YJVPJCJGVBQN
    Rhine River 2 FCNPKXBVWBQN
    Rhine River 3 PGDPKGFPDBQN
    New York City 1 KKSPKRJHKBQN
    New York City 2 VBFKPLHBWZBQN
    New York City 3 WJYPLWFQGBQN
    Antarctica 1 CMPPLHJJNBQN
    Antarctica 2 RKFPMYBZHBQN
    Antarctica 3 GNVPMQFSNBQN
    San Francisco 1 TRLPMBJLVBQN
    San Francisco 2 SVMPNFBFVBQN
    San Francisco 3 RXDPNHFYDBQN
    Valhalla 1 XBXPNGKRKBQN
    Valhalla 2 LPXKVMCQZBQM
    Valhalla 3 QSMKVSGKHBQM
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