War Front strategy guide - German campaign

Back at the oil rigs and mine to the north, you’ll notice you still have an Engineer here. Order it first to build a Tank Factory, then construct a north-south line of AT88 bunkers (hold down the “Shift” key while clicking on the map and you can order the Engineer to queue up several bunkers at once). All this activity will draw British Matildas and Priest Artillery units from the British base to the east, making your final assault on that area later in the game a real pushover.

In the south, Hardt will depart off the map to the west, but before he leaves he reveals his secret: he has been assisting Dietrich Preiss, leader of the German Resistance movement. Hardt now asks Hellmann to choose: join the Resistance, or continue to follow the insane orders of The Chancellor. For Hellmann, the decision is easy: he loves the Fatherland, and anyone who truly loves the Fatherland must put an end to The Chancellor’s blood-soaked reign.

Hardt’s departure is your cue to take Hellmann and his force to the “T” intersection of roads just below the middle of the map. British Generals are trying to escape, and you can ambush them here before they have a chance to move north and link up with the main body of enemy forces. After destroying the Generals’ convoy, you’re now free to move south and use Wehrmacht Infantry to capture an enemy Headquarters and Radio Station (or destroy it — the choice is yours). With these under your control, you can build Airfields and produce P-51 Mustangs, but be aware you can not designate these as Core Units for the next battle.

Above: Destroy the Radar Station and Headquarters in the south if you like, but once the guards have been eliminated you can easily capture it with Wehrmacht Infantry

By now, the rest of the mission is little more than a mop-up operation. Use a combo of Wurfrahmen and Panthers to move into the area where all the British AA guns are located. Destroy them, and Luftwaffe bombers will begin dropping their payloads on the main British base. Now employ a pincer movement consisting of forces from the secondary base in the northwest corner of the map and from the defensive line and Tank Factory you’ve erected near the British bases. Though you could easily defeat this final British stronghold without knocking out the AA guns, doing so will deprive you of credit for an objective.


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