War Front strategy guide - German campaign

German Mission 2: Victory for Honor

With Hardt in supreme command and Hellmann leading the troops in the field, the Germans have gained control of southern England in less than a month. But even though the British are on the run, Hardt knows they’ll turn and make a final stand—a last-ditch battle where they’ll commit every single bit of armor and manpower at their disposal. To press your advantage, you not only need fuel, but also more armor. The good news: recon indicates there are oil rigs to the north of your current position, and there’s plenty of terrain perfect for erecting a base to begin producing the weapons of war you need to put an end to this battle.

Primary Objectives

  • Destroy The British Base
  • Guard General Hardt

Secondary Objectives

  • Get more Resources
  • Destroy the AA guns

Secret Goals

  • Prevent the escape of the British generals

Key Tactics and Battle Tips

  • Capture Oil Rigs as quickly as you can
  • Build a Tank Factory near Oil Rigs
  • A line of AT Turrets can help hold back British counterattack
  • Capture Allied HQ in the south
  •  Destroy AA guns to receive Luftwaffe support

Map Legend

  1. Start point and primary base
  2. Mine; build Supply Depot near here
  3. Oil Rigs; capture and build secondary base
  4. Build a Tank Factory here to produce units to clear the path for Hardt
  5. Hardt’s destination; be sure Hellmann is with Hardt when he arrives
  6. Allied base; destroy or capture radar station and Headquarters
  7. Destroy Allied convoy before it reaches this area
  8. AA guns; destroy them for automatic Luftwaffe bombing runs
  9. Allied base

    H.  Build AT 88 Turrets along these lines

The clock is ticking, so you need to get busy. At the Command Center, queue the production of first a Studebaker (for the Supply Depot about to be built) followed by two Engineers. Use the existing Engineer to build a Supply Depot, and send your Wehrmacht Infantry north toward the oil rigs. As soon as an Engineer is idle, order it to construct a Barracks and, when it’s completed, upgrade it to give Wehrmacht Infantry the Capture Buildings skill. Use another Engineer to build a Supply Depot at the mine to the north, and assemble all your other troops and move a little to the east to probe the enemy defenses. As soon as the Capture Buildings skill is available, have the Wehrmacht Infantry capture the Oil Rigs. (Note: if you opted for jetpack Infantry to be your Core Units in the last battle, you can send them south to cause a little havoc while you’re doing all of this, but since there’ll only be two of them at the most their survivability isn’t all that great.)

As all this preliminary construction is going on, send Hellmann and all the other available tanks and troops east to start clearing the way for General Hardt’s departure. You’ll want to build a Tank Factory east of the main base to feed Panthers, Wurfrahmen artillery, and Repair Trucks into a defensive line in front of the British bases (don’t move so close you tempt the whole British army to come out at this time!). Team up some of the armor this Tank Factory produces with Hellmann and your initial allotment of tanks: they can systematically take out all the gun emplacements and bases that line the route Hardt will be taking. Put Roland in one of them or have him accompany them on foot, but either way make sure he goes with them. Simultaneously, build a line of defensive bunkers running north-south from the southeast corner of the lake at the top of the map to the trees east of the now-conquered British base


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