War Front strategy guide - Allied campaign

Allied Mission 11: Battle of Moscow

John Lynch didn’t need encouragement to obliterate the tyranny of Stalinist rule in Russia, but Nadia’s cowardly assassination added even more fuel to the fires of revenge burning inside him. Now he and Hellmann are perched at the outskirts of Moscow, where the Allies have split their army into two groups: the Germans commanded by Hellmann in the North, and the British and Americans helmed by Lynch in the south. All signs indicate the final push to the Kremlin should pose few problems — but looks can be deceiving.

Primary Objectives

  • Secure the Kremlin

Secondary Objectives

  • Block Enemy Reinforcements
  • Get Aerial Superiority

Key Tactics and Battle Tips

  • Order Core Units to move SE to destroy bunker
  • Follow them with Engineer to build blocking Pillbox and a Weapon Factory
  • Destroy SE Soviet Base and build secondary base
  • Use Turrets to protect eastern flank of primary base
  • Destroy Soviet Airfields north of primary base and use the area for 8-10 airports
  • Employ systematic heavy bombing

Map Legend

  1. Primary base; eventually home to 2-3 Airports in addition to other buildings
  2. Mine with small amount of resources, useful in early stages of the mission
  3. Advance here with Core Units at start of mission if they include a Force Shield Generator, several heavy tanks or artillery pieces, and 2-3 experienced AA vehicles. Erect bunker to block Soviet reinforcements and build a Weapon Factory here to reinforce Core Units
  4. General location of Russian Airfields; place bunker to the east to block reinforcements
  5. German base with nearby mine; link up with these forces or build your own base here if the Germans are no longer here when you arrive
  6. Major Soviet base; attempt to eliminate as early as possible with Core Units and nearby reinforcements and build Supply Stash to start secondary base
  7. Advance with Force Shield Generator protecting your army and capture nearby Bank; stay south of river to force Russians to cross in serial fashion
  8. Send a small army here to guard the Weapon Factory and eventually take part in the converging attack on Red Square
  9. Place bunker here to block Soviet reinforcements
  10. Place bunker here to block Soviet reinforcements
  11. Place bunker here to block Soviet reinforcements

   B    Banks; only attempt to capture after you have blocked at least two Soviet reinforcement routes and have achieved air superiority
 STAR  Ultimate Victory!

Although the Germans have a decent foothold in the northwest part of the city, your own position is considerably more tenuous. You are closer to the mass of forces guarding Red Square — and they’re being reinforced by a gigantic Soviet base in the southeast portion of the map. Although destroying the Airfields north of your primary base is essential to victory, doing it first will give that humongous southeastern base a chance to fortify itself and expand even further.

If your Core Units are fairly strong (see our recommendation at the end of Mission 10), we recommend focusing first on the southeastern Soviet base. There are several reasons for this. First, you will destroy one of the bunkers guarding a Russian reinforcement route (there are five of these in all). Second, you’ll take out some key buildings: War Factories, Aggregators, a Command Center, and, perhaps most importantly, an Airfield. Third, you’ll be able to occupy a Drop Zone, supplying you with a steady supply of Resources, as well as an abundant Scrapyard. Finally, once you secure the area and build your own base where the Soviet one once stood, you can cross back over the river at the eastern edge of the map and easily capture a Bank for yet more unending Resources. This Bank is much, much easier to defend early in the game than the ones in the middle of the map; capture those early, and it’s like waving a red flag in front of an already irritated bull.

At your main base, launch into the normal process of base building with two immediate goals in mind: creating a defensive perimeter of Pillboxes and AT Turrets to guard against Soviet assaults or Partisan attacks, and reaching Tech Level 3 at the earliest possible moment. You’ll want to send an Engineer to the Scrapyard north of your base and build a Supply Stash there. The Scrapyard’s Resources won’t last long, so when you hear the message that the mine is empty be sure to sell the Supply Stash to recoup some of the Resources you spent building it. At this primary base, you’ll also want to build a Weapon Factory, an Airport (one or two for now), a Barracks, and several Aero Research Facilities (use the Homeland Shipment upgrade on these to make them generate a steady stream of Resources).

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