War Front strategy guide - Allied campaign

Continue your push to the east and gain control of the area where the three Oil Rigs are located. You don’t need to hold this ground permanently at this point; simply provide a breathing space where your MG Infantry can capture the Oil Rigs (Paratroopers work nicely, but you can send them on foot or in a Halftrack APC if necessary). You might not get them all at this time, but try to get at least two of them — you desperately need the Resources. Continue your advance a bit more and take out a few Soviet Bunkers; if you had the Force Shield Generators, Bofors, and Zsu 37s protecting you chances are you can push ahead and destroy the base. This will drastically reduce the number of Soviet aircraft overhead, and eliminate some of the Ice-Bomber attacks. If it looks like you’re too weak to take the base, curl back and retreat to a point close to the captured Moving Giant Turret Factory to lick your wounds and await reinforcements from your base.

Speaking of the base, things will be getting awfully hairy there by now. APC Mole and Partisan attacks will have you frantically erecting Pillboxes and sending out cheap armored units like Matildas and Halftracks to fight them off. Just keep your cool, use the “Repair All” button as necessary, and remember to build an Aero Research Facility as soon as you can: it’ll provide you with better planes and a steady source of income if you upgrade it with Homeland Shipments. As soon as you have a few extra resources, upgrade to Tech Level 3 to access the more powerful weapons you need to wage this battle. Also build at least two (preferably three) Airports. You’ll need them when the call comes from Hellmann that he needs help defending the Radio Station they’ve captured but which lacks power.

Above: Be liberal in your construction of Pillboxes at the primary base. You’ll need them to stop the Russian APC Moles that pop up early and often to decimate your structures!

When you get the call, send P-38s (hopefully with air-to-ground rockets by this time) to Guard the Radio Station. If you see them taking fire from Zsu 37s, use one and only one plane to take out each Zsu with air-to-ground rockets before returning to overfly the Radio Station: you don’t want to waste the precious air-to-ground rockets with overkill. Meanwhile, start your main army group with your Heroes on a drive first to the southeast to knock out Soviet buildings and then to the southwest to help at the Radio Station. By now you can begin using Call-In Bombers on the Anti-Aircraft Bunkers and Soviet buildings in the northeast corner of the map, assuming you’ve cleared out enough Anti-Aircraft Bunkers and Zsu 37s for the big planes to reach their targets. It’s possible to destroy all the requisite Soviet buildings with these Call-In Bombers, especially after you’ve gained access to the Nuclear Bomb at Tech Level 3.

After a while Hellmann informs you the Radio Station now has juice — but when an attempt is made to call Wells you discover it’s in need of repair. The necessary parts can be found at

the Airfield north of the Radio Station. If you’ve got a goodly number of P-38s with missile capability guarding the Radio station, feel free to detach your Heroes and an armored force of Pershings and M40s head northeast in a clockwise sweep to wipe out the remaining Soviet bases. When you’ve finished, head to the Airfield with a sizable group of tanks and Anti-Aircraft vehicles to escort a truck carrying the parts back to the Radio Station. The Commies will make a last-ditch effort to stop you with a Paratroop drop, but it’s easily brushed aside.

When the truck arrives, you’ll hear from Wells; at that point you’ll either win the mission, or the reinforcement army arrives. In either case, do  not — we repeat, do not — forget to designate some of your strongest units as Core so they can join you in the next battle! We strongly recommend taking one or two Force Shield Generators, four or five experienced Pershings, and three of your most experienced Bofors.

You’ve just won your greatest victory, and you’re ready to knock on Stalin’s door — and kick it in if he takes one millisecond too long in answering. But your celebrations are brutally cut short when your nemesis Nadia makes a surprise appearance, and as usual leaves only destruction in her wake. This time, the results are especially devastating: she manages to murder General Wells before he has time even to savor the prospect of ultimate victory.

And now Lynch has more reason than ever to crush the Russians….


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