War Front strategy guide - Allied campaign

After the Resistance members join your team, four badly damaged Sherman tanks roll up (actually three Shermans and one Calliope Sherman). Use Lynch’s Quick Repair Skill to bring them back to full strength rather than fighting your way to the Repair Truck and bringing it back to them. Assemble your available troops and move across the bridge, veering to the north to block a German attack on yet another group of Resistance Soldiers. Add them to your army, and advance to the Drop Zone and leave at least one unit there to pick up the cash that’s periodically dropped from the sky. Now go back and get the Repair Truck. From there move directly west to defeat another group of Germans and pick up more Resistance Soldiers.

Although Wells has made it sound as though you are urgently needed at the Allied base, you can actually take out a few key enemy buildings now that will make the rest of the mission much easier. From the location of the Repair Truck, move north toward the Scrapyard to the east, and cautiously advance your Shermans and the Calliope southward to first street running east-west to lure out a fairly large contingent of German armored vehicles; this allows you to defeat them as they emerge one and two at a time. (Save your game before you attempt this, however, because if you’re not careful your relatively small force might not be able to handle all the German tanks at once and you could lose one of these important vehicles.) By now, you should be able to upgrade Lynch’s abilities: We suggest you choose “Engineering 1” to give your vehicles 3 additional hit points and 3 additional damage points.

Above: Lure the German tank battalion into the area near the Scrapyard, and many of them will have to attack through narrow alleys — which lets you pick them off one or two at a time

After the Germans have exhausted their armored forces, use the “Force Attack” command to blast down the rows of buildings between you and the German base. Being careful to avoid damage from German Bunkers, you can take out the Supply, Barracks, and Power Plant with only negligible losses. Now the Nazis can’t produce units to grab that money at the Drop Zone — or to stop you from taking out their base later when your army is at full strength! In fact, if you attack with caution by keeping the Repair Truck in the middle of your tanks to deliver repairs during combat, you can systematically take out every bunker and even the German Command Center with just these few units. But if you destroy it now, you won’t be able to achieve several of your objectives, so be sure to leave it standing.

Head to the base and order the existing Supply Stash to produce two more Studebakers, then use the Engineer to construct a Weapons Factory to crank out Matilda tanks. Now take your Shermans and the Calliope to the base of the British Resistance. You’ll easily defeat the German Jetpack Infantry that tries to spoil your rescue mission, and a Helicopter will carry the Resistance Soldiers back to the base. This reveals the entire map, and also lets you use the Helicopter to easily destroy any enemy units that don’t have anti-air capabilities — in short, every unit or building except for the Flak AA Bunker that Wells will order you take out so you can drop an Earthquake Bomb and finish the whole affair.

If you didn’t attack the Germans west of the Repair Truck earlier, you’ll have to deal with the now. But wiping out the Germans lurking near your base takes too long with the Helicopter, and if you want to save the Resistance Soldiers near them you should approach them simultaneously from the north (with the Shermans and Calliope) and from the south (with the newly built Matildas). Once they’re gone, it’s off to the German base to wipe out the AA Bunker so you can drop that massive bomb — but be aware that the Earthquake Bomb might not be enough in and of itself to destroy the German Command Center. Stay back a good distance from the explosion, but be ready to move in immediately if that heavy-duty ordnance doesn’t do the trick.


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