War Front strategy guide - Allied campaign

Allied Mission 10: Point of No Return

At last it’s on: the push to Moscow, and the end to the bloodbath in which Stalin has embroiled all the world’s mightiest armies. The Allied High Command has devised a double-thrust attack in which the Germans, led by Roland Hellmann, will strike a Southern Soviet base while Lynch moves directly east to smash the Northern Soviet stronghold. But the attack might have come too late: as Anna predicted, the Soviets have completed their research on the Ice Bomb and who knows what other weapons of mass destruction.

It’s a lesson you learn all too quickly as the mission opens and you see your tiny base blanketed in a thick sheet of ice from a Winter’s Breath bomber — the code name for the modified Soviet Tupolevs that carry the devastating Ice Bomb. All that survives is a Supply Stash and a couple of Anti-Tank Turrets and Anti-Aircraft guns. You’ve definitely got your work cut out for you on this mission!

Primary Objectives

  • Defeat the Northern Soviet Base
  • Destroy the Ice Bomber Airfields
  • Defend the Radio Station
  • Repair the Radio Station

Secondary Objectives

  • Destroy the Moving Giant Turret Factories

Key Tactics and Battle Tips

  • Use Pillboxes and Halftracks to guard against Partisan attacks at primary base
  • Capture the War Factory to the east for cheap Katyusha production
  • Push on east to destroy Winter’s Breath Airfields
  • Use Force Shield Generators to protect Radio Station and its defenders

Map Legend

  1. Primary Base; use Pillboxes to protect buildings from Partisan attacks
  2. Russian War Factory; capture and use to produce units to support your Core Units; retreat here if unable to destroy Russian Base
  3. Advance here with Core Units and reinforcements, capturing Oil Rigs and destroying Russian Base if possible
  4. Russian Airfield; destroy to eliminate Winter’s Breath Bombers
  5. Radio Station; defend with armored battalion including AA vehicles and if possible a Force Shield Generator
  6. Retrieve Repair Truck; escort with armored units and Lightnings if available
  7. Russian Moving Giant Turret Factory
  8. Advance here and proceed south to eliminate another Russian (not required for victory)

Although all you have in the way of an army are your Heroes and the Core Units from previous missions, you must not settle into a purely defensive stance. Advance from the Start point and immediately build a HQ and Barracks in the open area south of the existing Supply Stash; queue it to train the MG Infantry to Capture Buildings and produce 10 or so of them. Order the Supply Stash to upgrade to Increased Capacity and queue three Studebakers to be produced, then set up about building the bare necessities — a Weapons Factory, Pillboxes, Anti-Aircraft guns, and an Airport. You can worry about expanding it as Resources become more plentiful; for now, you just need to be able to fend off attacks by Soviet APC Moles and constant air bombardments.

Simultaneously begin advancing all your Heroes and Core Units toward the Moving Giant Turret Factory to the east. Sturmovik bombers will pound you on the way, but if you chose the Force Shield Generator as a Core Unit from the last mission you’ll be safe for a while. If not, keep advancing toward the factory anyway as you build Bofors Anti-Aircraft vehicles at the base to join them. Use Lynch’s Repair Skill if you see any vehicles getting seriously damaged.

You’ll meet a Kharkov Rampager and several tanks as you near the factory. You can easily defeat them, but don’t destroy the factory; instead, use the MG Infantry you trained at the Barracks to capture this facility. It will provide you with fast access to low-grade armored units: the Katyushas are unlike anything you can produce, and the Zsu 37s are at least the equal of Bofors. It will also draw the attention of Soviet armor that would be shooting at your forces, and you can always sell it before it crumbles under their shells.


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