Wall-E - hands-on

We weren’t able to play the third level, which enabled you to control Wall-E and Eve together, but could already see potential in gameplay design. In this level from later in the game, a vicious sandstorm was ripping through the city, tossing cars and other large objects at the robotic pair. Not much appeared to be different in the platforming elements, except that Eve can carry Wall-E over large gaps for a limited time and can also shoot lasers to clear paths.

The last level we saw was a multiplayer on-rails shooting gallery. Up to four players can try their hand at the carnage, which enabled you to blast away at various trash bits flying around. In typical fashion, the highest score wins. We’re told there will be a number of multiplayer modes in the game, including deathmatch. Surely, these modes will extend the life of the game for those who’ve completed the single-player game and want to include a friend for the action.

With collectible widgets that will unlock trailers and concept art, Wall-E looks to be the pinnacle game-based-on-movie for the younger crowd. Check back for a full review of Wall-E in late June and while you’re at it, make sure to check out our brand new screenshots.

Apr 4, 2008


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