Wall-E - hands-on

The next level shown lets you control Eve outside the Axiom in a free-roaming space environment. Not to spoil too much of the game and film’s plot, but Wall-E’s been ejected from the ship with only a fire extinguisher in his possession. As Eve, you’ll need to chase after Wall-E, who’s propelling himself with the extinguisher, leaving a crisp trail of fire retardant in his wake. You’ll fly through swirling asteroids, while avoiding smaller chunks of debris in order to be reunited with the bright-eyed bot.

We only caught a glimpse of the fourth level shown, “100 percent Unsanitary,” named for a reason. Playing as Wall-E above the Axiom, you’ll notice that gone are the static-clean space hulls, and instead you’re now treading through what’s probably the garbage heap of the ship. Not much new was presented, other than the magnetic cube, which is apparently negatively charged. When Wall-E throws the cube, enemy robots are pushed away from where the object landed. Already, we’re thinking this can be used to easily get by an otherwise difficult enemy section.

With collectible widgets that will unlock trailers and concept art, Wall-E looks to be the pinnacle game-based-on-movie for the younger crowd. Check back for a full review of Wall-E in late June and while you’re at it, make sure to scope our brand new screenshots.

Apr 4, 2008


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