Waialae Country club: True Golf Classics Cheats, Codes & Guides

Waialae Country club: True Golf Classics Cheats

  • Faster Ball

    After hitting the ball, HOLD B to spped it up during the shot
    Submitted by None
  • Drive the Golf Cart

    During play press START and select the "Cart Cam" option to drive the cart
    Submitted by None
  • Helicopter-cam

    Press the start button and chose cartcam.While in cartcam hold c up
    Submitted by Travis skelton
  • Easy 13

    On the 13th hole instead of hitting down the fairway and never being able to reach the green in two shots. You can go right on to the 12th fairway. Make sure you dont hit it too far right or you will go out of bounds. When you get to the 12th fairway your second shot will be approximately 200yds.
    Submitted by Jeff Treichel

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