Viva Pinata

There's also the "pest" piñatas to deal with - bright red menaces living on the outskirts of your garden. The pests might start fights, chase away your hired help, or even attack unhatched piñata eggs (because, as you probably already know, all piñatas come from eggs). Then again, with some strategy and a little luck, you might be able to turn the pests into productive members of your microcosm.

There are 62 different piñatas in the game, all of which can generate new piñatas through the magic of "romance." When the piñatas are in the mood, they'll dance and, well, that's where babies come from. The collect-them-all aspect is clear; different piñatas come out at different times of day, and some are rare, so tending a garden that attracts the elite creatures will be a point of pride on Xbox Live. In a neat co-op twist, two players can tend the same garden online with a simple invite.


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