Virtua Fighter 5 - updated hands-on

We spoke with Sega product manager Erica Mason about additional plans for the game's US release. While she couldn't give any definite information, she did mention that Sega may base the computer's tactics on well-known Japanese VF-playing "celebrities" in the US version alongside the custom character submissions from a contest they are currently running. A domestic release of the specially-made PS3 Virtua Stick is also in consideration. Since playing with a pad limits your options in the case of an arcade fighter, we're hoping it does come.

Many of the special features of the console version remain shrouded in mystery, though the announcement and demo of the PlayStation Store at the event presents some interesting speculation about ways players might be able amass items for their characters. Will we be seeing microtransactions in VF's future? It's possible, but we can't be certain. While the game still has a ways to go, one thing is clear: Virtua Fighter 5 will be the definitive fighting game on the PS3, both in Spring 2007 and for many years to come.


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