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Viper Racing Cheats

  • Get Lamborghini

    Go into the game go under options, hacks then type in Morepowerthebetter then you will have a lamborghini
    Submitted by Gza 10348
  • Make your car swim in the lake

    First you have to be in the water then u push the wheelie button down and keep it down and your car should swim.
    Submitted by Davy
  • Frozen Water Glitch

    In quick race, rocky island you can ride on water. Go to the part just after the old castle in rocky island and fall off right beside the castle. You should fall down and when you come to the water you will not go through and will stay on the surface.
    Submitted by R.J. Cheater
  • All Money

    Put in the code getdamoneyfast
    Submitted by None
  • Morphene

    Go into hacks type Morphene and your car wont break down.
    Submitted by sean

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