Viewtiful Joe DS shots

Images from world's toughest game as it has its handheld debut

As these first shots from Capcom's Viewtiful Joe DS show, the game will retain the same distinctive graphical style and will star a line up of enemies previously encountered in the game's console outings.

Viewtiful Joe DS will feature an all-new story, and Joe's VFX powers will be executed using the touch-screen. Players will be able to divide the bottom screen into two sections, allowing the movement of various objects with the stylus.

The top screen of the DS will normally display a zoom-in of the action, and a slide feature will be incorporated enabling the player to switch the top and bottom screens, effectively giving Joe's attacks more power as he dishes out some henshin-a-go-go flavoured pain to bad guys.

Viewtiful Joe DS will be released for DS in winter 2005