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Vietnam Black Ops Cheats, Codes & Guides

Vietnam Black Ops Cheats

  • All cars

    god - God Mode

    weapons - All Weapons

    easy - Easy Mode

    hard - Hard Mode

    normal - Normal Mode

    noclip - No Clipping Mode

    ammo - All Ammo

    removeai - Enemy AI Gone
    Submitted by None
  • Invisibility

    Press T then type in seethrough
    Submitted by derek warrell
  • Fly mode

    Press T then type in flyaway
    Submitted by derek warrell
  • Unlimited Ammo

    Press T then type in nolimit, one word
    Submitted by derek warrell
  • Cloud Room

    On level 2 put on no clipping mode (press 't' during game play type then 'noclip' then the enter key)
    fly up past the first crappy bridge to the second one then fly up out of the level near there on the top of the level you will see a box fly in it and turn off the cheat and your are in a box of clouds!
    Submitted by martin

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