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Vietcong: Purple Haze Cheats, Codes & Guides

Vietcong: Purple Haze Cheats

  • Pick Level

    Highlight the OPTIONS menu and hold R1 + L1 + R2 + L2 OR highlight the Credits option and press L2, R2, Square, Circle
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  • Unlock Invincibility

    During gameplay press L1 + R1 + X + Down
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Vietcong: Purple Haze Hints

  • Easy way to get Tommy gun

    Go to the single mission because you normally choose from three weapons (rapid fire ones) but go and select any level (be the U.S.) Kill one on the other team then die somehow. Then when you go to campaign you should see a Tommy gun. Don't switch the guns because the Tommy gun won't be there then you will have to do all of this over again.
    Submitted by hotshooter
  • Trap finders

    When playing any level with traps, constantly keep half of your view on the ground so you can see the little half invisible ropes.
    Oh and sometimes it helps to follow your point man no matter how slow he is.
    Submitted by Taylor Hackel
  • Outpost Mission Hint

    If you are having trouble on the "Outpost" mission because you don't have any time after the 2nd radio transmission (the first being the one at beginning of mission), don't answer the 2nd transmission until after you kill all 3 mortar teams. Then answer your radio and proceed to the outpost (follow the dirt path where the 3rd mortar team is).
    Submitted by ryan_16hockey
  • M16 Machine Gun

    To get the M16 Machine Gun play the mission when you save the sgt and other marine. Hint you must complete this mission
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  • Do Over!

    When you are in career mode, sometimes you'll be invited to a tournament. If you lose, turn off the X-BOX and turn it on again. The tournament invitation will come up again and you can give it another shot.
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