Videogame Geek is distant cousin of Glee Geek, says all encompassing chart

But much closer to D&D, Film, and Music Geek

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Cool infographic incoming! From the 16th century origin all the way to the modern “geek chic” of today, there have always been geeks. And now there’s a chart to categorize them all.

A strong, proud, and slightly hunched video game geek stands proudly in the midst of his geek cousins, and it looks like he’s holding the original concept for the PS3 controller. How did he get one of those?

We could bore you by reiterating all of the information you’re just going to read in the image, or we could rant about how there’s really no correlation between D&D geeks and WoW geeks. But we won’t because this is an article based on a picture. And nobody will read this far into the text. You’re all looking at the image. We might as well just stop writing now. Maybe we’ll even spell a word wrong or write nonsense. Balubla. Or maybe we’ll just stop in the middle of a

So, what kind of geek are you?

Aug 3, 2011

Source: Flowtown