Videogame crime report, 2007

So much game-related crime, and GTA4 isn't even out yet

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5th Dec, 2007

You might have readlast week%26rsquo;s story on how Texan police have used the promise of free Xbox 360s to lure fugitive crimials out of hiding. While it%26rsquo;s a downright hilarious example to round off the year with, 2007 has been crammed like an over-crowded prison with tales of videogame-related crime.

Of course, we%26rsquo;re not talking about games themselves inciting violent outbursts in those who play them (Calm down Jack!). No, rather this year has seen a staggering amount of crime stories which have had gaming culture or even the industry itself at their twisted and unscrupulous hearts. It might have all started with the drive-by shootings and queue riots of the big console launches at the end of last year, but throughout the course of 2007, game-related crime has only got bigger, weirder, and in some cases, a whole lot funnier.

We've got a whole dossier ofthe stuffright here. Click on.


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