Video game characters' calls to tech support

His computer's infected with malware

Tech Support: College IT helpdesk, can I help you?

Oh, hi. Yeah, I’m having some problems with my computer. It’s really slow, unresponsive and seems to have some weird stuff all over the screen. Oh wait--ignore that last one.

TS: What Operating System are you running?

Student: It is... Windows XP. It’s a laptop, if that helps.

TS: A laptop? Is that owned by the college? I don’t remember us having any laptops in our inventory…

Student: Oh, no, it’s my own laptop. I brought in to use your internet connection. You know, for… er… studying… things. Anatomy, mainly.

TS: As I'm sure you're aware, you’re not supposed to connect personal laptops to the college IT network. It’s a breach of po… what the…

Student: What’s wrong?

TS: I’ve just scanned your computer with our network’s antivirus software and it appears it’s heavily infected with malware. It's absolutely infested with worms, trojans... Oh god, it’s spreading faster than I can quarantine the files….

Student: Hello?

TS: Alright, quick - there’s one thing I might be able to do. Can I use remote desktop to log onto your machine?

Student: Why do you need to do that?

TS: I just need to have a look at your temporary internet files.

Click! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

TS: Hello? Hello? Are you still there?


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