Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Special Report (Day 4)

The big question for those that dwell in the upper echelons of the incredibly popular World of Warcraft is "what about raiding?" The clever folks at Sigil have assured us that raiding (gigantic collections of players all in a single, massive group brought together to destroy equally huge monsters) will be a part of the Vanguard adventure, but how big a part remains to be seen. The truth is that the development team is still tweaking the optimum raid size and this is best done with actual people playing through the content. So, Sigil is busily examining and researching how their beta testers fare and figuring out how best to approach large community activities - they have a good idea of what they are shooting for, but, like the perfectionists they are, won't settle for "good" when they can spend more time and have "best."

What will certainly be available from day one are player created guilds (collections of players that come together under one banner as a community). Due to Vanguard's social focus, guilds are a natural and essential inclusion. While it will be possible for individual characters to eventually purchase (or even build themselves) a house that they can customize nearly any way they like, it has been hinted that guilds may enjoy the same ability, only on a much larger scale.

Guild halls are by no means confirmed for Vanguard's still nebulous launch date, but it's a perfect example of the kind of things that are on Sigil's mind for future development. Each employee we spoke with had a list of features rapidly nearing completion, but they all had dozens of other ideas for the future of the game, so vast and irrepressible is their passion. Huzzah!