Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Special Report (Day 4)

One of the ways that Sigil's design team is promoting teaming up with other players is by setting up interdependent attack chains and sympathetic abilities that allow party members to bounce actions back and forth in order to create devastating combinations. An example of this would be a Druid using a water spell to drench an enemy which enables a Sorcerer to do extra damage with an electrifying lightning spell. "We want these things to make sense in a realistic way, so the idea that getting something wet would increase its conductivity is fairly natural," explains Game Designer Michael Mann.

"In a lot of cases, you won't be able to exploit your own debuff," added Darrin. The idea behind this is that it adds strategy to combat and rewards the player for experimentation. In the case of the Rogue, they have an ability that will locate chinks in the armor of their foes, but it will take the superior strength and brute force of a Warrior to actually hack that particular chunk of mail off of your enemy. This also has the added benefit of giving groups that work together frequently an advantage - as they'll learn each others' play styles, they'll become even more lethal and efficient.