Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Special Report (Day 2)

Arcane Casters:

  • Sorcerer - The Sorcerer commands arcane forces and elemental powers to unleash offensive magic on enemies. Their chief abilities allow the Sorcerer to shackle their foes with arcane energy, launch searing fireballs and drop a hail of energy stilettos on hapless opponents.
  • Psionicist - Focusing psychic abilities into lethal weapons and buffs to assist their fellow adventurers, mental concentration is core to the Psionicist. Like many classes in Vanguard, they can change mental stances to do more damage or provide greater benefits to the party.
  • Druid - Masters of the forces of nature, Druids use their command of the elements to decimate foes and, on a limited basis, heal their friends. Druids can also create elemental familiars to aid them in combat.
  • Necromancer - The hallmark of the Necromancer is control over a particularly disgusting undead minion called the Abomination. The Necromancer's Abomination will act as an offensive servant that can be upgraded in power by grafting bits and pieces of fallen adversaries to its flesh.