Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

McQuaid has expressed a fondness for experience penalties resulting from player death, a mainstay of EverQuest that resulted in an unfriendly atmosphere for beginner or casual players. While this system of penalties has been utilized in a variety of other games (see Final Fantasy XI ), some of the newer MMOs have reworked or sacked this technique altogether. Most likely, Sigil will implement an experience debt system like that of City of Heroes to keep the uninitiated from getting beat down to nothing or less.

Vanguard features the art direction of the late Keith Parkinson (famous for his artistic contributions on Dungeons & Dragons material and EverQuest). Delivering conceptual designs for the entire Vanguard world from characters and monsters to vistas and landscapes, the scope and reputation of Parkinson's work alone should give fantasy fans plenty of reason to polish their swords.