Valve hires famed Thief designer

Valve has strengthened its creative ranks and confirmed that famed game designer Doug Church has been hired. Church's resume is impressive. His most recent game, a cooperative project with Steven Spielberg called LMNO was canceled. But before that, his last title was Tomb Raider Legend. Past hits that Church has contributed to include both Thief and Deus Ex games, Freedom Force, System Shock 2, and Ultima Underworld I and II.

Besides confirming the hiring of Church, Valve is not releasing specific details as to what he will be working on. It’s possible that Church is joining an ongoing project or heading up a new one. We have reason to believe that Valve is currently working on at least three separate titles at the moment: Defense of the Ancients 2, Half-Life: Episode 3, and Counter-Strike 2. Portal 2, while not yet released, is finished.

[Source: Gamasutra]

Mar 17, 2011

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