Valve announces DotA 2, plans to give it the Team Fortress 2 treatment

First official sequel to Defense of the Ancients announced

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Valve has just announced plans for DotA 2, the first official sequel to the much-played Defense of the Ancients custom map for Warcraft III. The anonymous developer of the custom scenario, IceFrog, is also involved with DotA 2, which is scheduled to release in 2011 for the PC and Mac.

Since the first version of DotA was released in 2003, the custom scenario has continued to gain popularity. It has won numerous awards and is often featured at competitive gaming tournaments. Several commercial spin-offs based on DotA, like League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth, have been released.

Above: DotA fan art by Artemis_HoTA

Speaking to Game Informer, project lead Erik Johnson explained that Valve plans to give DotA 2 the Team Fortress 2 treatment, providing players with an active community and lots and lots of updates to keep the game fresh. "I think the interesting thing is us adding a second layer where the community is a service to each other. That's the real shift that we're trying to build here,” says Johnson. “Valve is going to keep building software around Dota and around the community and around Steamworks for Dota, but we're also going to build this system where the community can bring service to each other and be recognized for it.”

With a built-in base of DotA fans numbering in the millions, we expect DotA 2 to thrive under the direction of IceFrog and Valve.

Oct 13, 2010

Source: Game Informer