Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

Aside from Silmeria/Alicia, your party is made up of a mixture of story characters and Einherjar, or the materialized souls of dead warriors called forth by Silmeria. In fact, if anything, you might have too many characters to choose from. We uncovered almost twice as many as we could use - in the first dungeon alone. "In VP1 the story was more surrounding the Einherjar, compared to this one which is more about the main character and the Einherjar take a sub-character role. You do accrue Einherjar at that pace throught this one - a lot of them very quickly throughout the entire game."

When all these factors are taken together, that's the initial feel of Valkyrie Profile 2. An epic story of gods and princesses; a gritty tale set in a detailed world. It has fast, action-packed battle and scads of exploration through complex dungeons. In short, it's a very hardcore but instantly engrossing RPG. We'll be figuring out whether or not this pace can be maintained over the course of the entire adventure as we continue to play.


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