Available on: PS1, PC

V2000 Cheats, Codes & Guides

V2000 Cheats

  • Cheats

    Hold [Left Shift] and then type the following codes.

    hhroqtat Get All Weapons
    terhsrer Level Skip
    cchaserq Repairs Damage
    htarsrec Cargo
    herhsore Finish Current Level
    qheroest Finish All Levels
    cheatseq All cheats Enabled
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  • Get All Weapons

    HOLD down the R1 button and enter the following code during the game. Left, Left, Square, Circle, R2, Right, Triangle, L2. If entered correctly you will hear a screeching sound.
    Next enable the cheat by going to the options menu and select the cheat menu
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V2000 Hints

  • Medieval Level

    On the Medieval level you can crash into the church at high speed to find a power up

    On the Medieval level you can get a 3x cargo hold if you search underwater to the left of the base
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Available Platforms: PS1, PC