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US Most Wanted Cheats

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    Use the command line parameter "mostwanted.exe -cheats -funlabs" to start the game. Now during gameplay press ~ to get the console and enter a code below. Use the 1 or 0 in brackets to enable or disable a code

    godmode <0 or 1> - Invincibility
    mw_showhud (0/1/2) - Pick HUD type
    mw_givealllevels <0 or 1> - Pick Level
    mw_failmission <0 or 1> - Lose Mission
    mw_aidisableact <0 or 1> - Moving Comp
    noclip <0 or 1> - No Clipping mode
    mw_aidisablethink <0 or 1> - Smarter AI
    godmodeteam - Make Team Invincible
    mw_winmission <0 or 1> - Win Mission
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