Urban Chaos: Riot Response

Want to see what the game has in store? Here's a play-by-play of the first level

As we get close, the camera pans down the hall once again, where Estevez is holding a cop as a human shield. We charge out into the hall like idiots, and our shield gets peppered with bullet dents. We keep our distance, and when Estevez pushes the cop aside to reload, the sudden slow-motion makes it easy to shoot him in the head. He retreats down the hall a couple of times, cop in tow, until he hits a dead-end conveniently filled with propane tanks. He reloads, we tag him one more time in the face, and his arm whips back and reflexively fires at the tanks behind him.

The resulting explosion sends his dumb burning corpse flying straight at us, but the cop hits the deck and lives. He calls us a hero, Wolf congratulates us and the level ends with a newscaster telling us what we've accomplished.

So ends the first intense stage of Urban Chaos: Riot Response. If the levels to come can keep up this level of ferocity, then this could be worth checking out when it hits stores next week.


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