Unreal Tournament III

Epic has also noticed that when people are speeding around their imaginary lands in vehicles, two of the most common action keys are rendered redundant, namely duck and jump. So it is that, in a tradition kick-started by UT2004’s Manta, many of the vehicles now have different modes of maneuver, to a thunderously amazing effect.

Take the Necris Nemesis for example. As lead designer Steve Polge eloquently puts it: “Real tanks can’t crouch” - but this one can. Or at least, it can switch between a ground-hugging sleek-mobile whose turret is firmly fixed forward and a standard drive-and-aim mode, before slipping into a far more interesting gear: having you move along at an absolute crawl but granting you a higher viewpoint, a tremendous amount of firepower and a lot more rockets fired in your direction.

If you think that’s cool, just wait until you see the Leviathan. Jeebus. It’s a tank of the corporations rather than the Necris, the Leviathan is a five-man beast and is - as you might have guessed - bloody big. The driver has control of the accelerator pedal and a smaller gun, while each of his companions blasts happily away with different varieties of heavy weaponry from the tank’s roof and sides - each with their own cheery purple energy shield to boot.

When you first see the tank deploy itself into “crouch” mode, your eyes will widen and you’ll temporarily forget to breathe. Unfolding itself like the best Transformer base you’ve seen, with its four guns raising on fire engine-style hinged platforms, the thing becomes a veritable machine o’ death: double the gun barrels circling one über-gun with infinite range and almighty explosive capabilities.

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