Unreal Tournament III

Unreal Tournament III may have been built from the ground up with an entirely new engine, but the old “comfy slippers” adage still holds with the gameplay. That familiar, nay iconic, roster of weaponry remains intact - the Bio-Rifle, the glorious Redeemer, the Shock Rifle with its ingenious ploy of being able to shoot the alt-fire plasma emission with the primary fire zapgun for added death-bringing hilarity. But look closer and you become aware of one or two gaps having been plugged - gaps that you probably weren’t aware of in the first place.

At the shallower end of the pool, for example, the Stinger (UT-speak for mini-gun) always had a slightly crap alt-fire option. Now, however, it’s been gifted with the ability to fire bursts that can pin an enemy to a wall by his head. In a similar fashion, the rocket launcher can now chuck grenades as well as its familiar racked-up missile salvos, while the Unreal Engine physics can now provide stuff like real physical attributes for every individual pellet of a Flak Cannon round. Epic also claimed that the insane graphical complexity of each weapon means that each holds more polygons than an entire map in UT2004.


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