Unreal Tournament III

We check in with the next-generation of Unreal

%26ldquo;One thing we%26rsquo;ve always found is that science-fiction kicks ass,%26rdquo; claims Unreal Tournament III%26rsquo;s characteristically exuberant producer Jeff Morris. %26ldquo;It%26rsquo;s so liberating to be able to go in and say stuff like, %26lsquo;Wouldn%26rsquo;t it be cool if the giant robot fought the giant lizard thing?%26rsquo; We don%26rsquo;t have to worry that the thing never actually existed - we%26rsquo;re not trying to do the Wehrmacht in 1944.%26rdquo; No, they%26rsquo;re most certainly not. Despite the occasional nod to reality, the vibrant, fast-paced world of UT has always had both feet in the somewhat surreal, with more of a focus on fun, instant gratification than its more humorless rivals.

%26ldquo;UT is a very %26lsquo;short time to spectacle%26rsquo; game,%26rdquo; agrees Morris. %26ldquo;When you spawn there should be a cartwheeling, exploding vehicle and two guys dogfighting in front of you. Forget walking anywhere!%26rdquo;

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