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Unholy War, The Cheats

  • Secret Warriors and Mayan Backgrounds

    This tip will get you two secret fighting backgrounds, beat Strategy Mode on Normal mode with each side. The Arcane victory will release the Menhir Circle; the Teknos, the Dark Maze.
    To get control of two secret super-warriors, beat Strategy Mode on Hard level. The Arcanes earn the nasty MegaPrana, while the Teknos recieve the Beta-Razorfane, their first truly effective flying character.
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  • Extra Maps

    After you beat the game on Normal difficulty as Arcanesyou will unlock The Maze. Now if you beat the game on normal difficulty as Teknos you will unlock the Menhir Circle
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  • More Battlefields

    After highlighting the Accept Teams Option on Mayhem mode press Circle + Square, Select(4 times), Start(3 times), Square(2 times), Circle, Circle + Square.
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  • More Characters

    After highlighting the Set Teams Option with Mayhem mode on press Circle + Square, Select(4 times), Start(3 times), Square(2 times), Circle, Circle + Square
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  • All One Player Maps

    After highlighting the Set War option with Strategy mode press Circle + Square, Select(4 times), Start(3 times), Square(2 times), Circle, Circle + Square
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  • Play as Beta Razor-fane and Super-Prana Devil:

    Select mayhem mode, then highlight the Set Teams option. Press and release Circle + Square. Then, press Select(4), Start(3), Square(2), Circle, Circle + Square. You will now be able to select Beta Razor-fane and Super-Prana Devi
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  • Game Shark Codes

    Mayham Mode Codes
    Player 1
    Quicksilver Infinite Health 801AF610 0258
    Quicksilver Infinite Energy 801AF614 01F4
    Telsa Infinite Health 801AFA48 0258
    Telsa Infinite Energy 801AFA4C 0640
    Killcycle Infinite Health 801AF9D0 01F4
    Killcycle Infinite Energy 801AF9D4 0258
    Jaeger Infinite Health 801AF710 03E8
    Jaegar Infinite Energy 801AF714 0640
    Mantis Infinite Health 801AF7A8 02EE
    Mantis Infinite Energy 801AF7AC 03E8
    Razorfane Infinite Health 801AF610 0320
    Razorfane Infinite Energy 801AF614 01F4
    Wasp Infinite Health 801AF7B0 0190
    Wasp Infinite Energy 801AF7B4 0258
    Ecton Infinite Health 801AF938 01F4
    Ecton Infinite Energy 801AF93C 0640
    Prana Infinite Health 801AF688 0258
    Prana Infinite Energy 801AF68C 03E8
    Magnus Infinite Health 801AF7A8 03E8
    Magnus Infinite Energy 801AF7AC 01F4
    Brontu Infinite Health 801AF540 03E8
    Brontu Infinite Energy 801AF544 05DC
    Firewitch Infinite Health 801AFA00 01F4
    Firewitch Infinite Energy 801AFA04 01F4
    Angel Infinite Health 801AF710 0315
    Angel Infinite Energy 801AF714 03E8
    Mogalin Infinite Health 801AF7F0 01F4
    Mogalin Infinite Energy 801AF7F4 0384
    Player 2
    Quicksilver Infinite Health 801D5E10 0258
    Quicksilver Infinite Energy 801D5E14 01F4
    Telsa Infinite Health 801D6248 0258
    Telsa Infinite Energy 801D624C 0640
    Killcycle Infinite Health 801D61D0 01F4
    Killcycle Infinite Energy 801D61D4 0258
    Jaeger Infinite Health 801D5F10 03E8
    Jaeger Infinite Energy 801D5F14 0640
    Mantis Infinite Health 801D5FA8 02EE
    Mantis Infinite Energy 801D5FAC 03E8
    Razorfane Infinite Health 801D5E10 0320
    Razorfane Infinite Energy 801D5E10 01F4
    Wasp Infinite Health 801D5FB0 0190
    Wasp Infinite Energy 801D5FB4 0258
    Ecton Infinite Health 801D6138 01F4
    Ecton Infinite Energy 801D613C 0640
    Prana Infinite Health 801D5E88 0258
    Prana Infinite Energy 801D5E8C 03E8
    Magnus Infinite Health 801D5FA8 03E8
    Magnus Infinite Energy 801D5FAC 01F4
    Brontu Infinite Health 801D5D40 03E8
    Brontu Infinite Energy 801D5D44 05DC
    Firewitch Infinite Health 801D6200 01F4
    Firewitch Infinite Energy 801D6204 01F4
    Angel Infinite Health 801D5F10 0315
    Angel Infinite Energy 801D5F14 03E8
    Mogalin Infinite Health 801D5FF0 01F4
    Mogalin Infinite Energy 801D5FF4 0384
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  • Strategy Mode Codes

    P1 Infinite AUR 8011C5B8 FFFF
    P2 Infinite AUR 8011C914 FFFF
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Unholy War, The Hints

  • Hints

    Beat the game on hard difficulty with Teknos to get Beta Razor with Mayhem mode. Beat the game on hard difficulty with Arcanes to get Super-Prana Devil
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