Ultimate Mario Party 8 guide

Our least favorite game. Pull random cards that do random damage. You have no control and it takes forever

-No strategy here. If you can teach your cat to hit buttons, go have a snack and/or a cigarette.

Chump Rope
One player twirls a jump rope, while the other three flick their remote Up to hop dutifully for 15 seconds.

-If you’re manning the jump rope, change up your swing speed.
-If you’re on the bouncy end, never jump before you see the rope hit the ground.

Cosmic Slalom
Pilot a rocket sled down a space tunnel all the way to the finish

-Don’t use up your boost up too quickly. Save it for when you’re about to collide with a gate. Instead of slowing you down, you’ll burst right through it

Crank to Rank
Not a pro drug statement. Move a hand crank to raise a flag to full mast.

Keep a consistent motion. Let those others flail their arms - for you, it’s all in the wrist. The end is a nice little tribute to the original Super Mario Bros.

Crops ‘n’ Robbers
Two players work together, one playing the whack-a-mole assassin, the other pulling up carrots.

-Work together, if at all possible. The person on mole duty should be whacking away and clearing paths for the carrot puller.
-The farmer pulls as many vegetables as he/she can get to before needin a trail blazed. There should be more than enough carrots to pull before a single mole is bashed.

Cut from the Team
Cut strings, some of which will spring you of a cliff. Last man standing wins.

-No strategy whatsoever. Make peace with your God and cut away.

Remember those eyeballs from Mario 64? Spin your cursor around to get them dizzy the fastest

-Bigger eyes require bigger circles
-Don’t change the direction of your spin.

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