Ultimate Mario Party 8 guide

Tada! Outlines and strategies for every damn minigame in Mario Party 8. We've put them in alphabetical order for everyone's convenience. Here we go:

Aim of the Game
Twirling cards fall from the ceiling. Use your crosshairs to shoot the ones that will add up to the highest total sum.

-Keep an eye out for the 50 and x2 multiplier cards.
-A 50 card with four x2 cards leads to the higest possible score
-Don’t go shooting willy-nilly, as there are some x0 cards that’ll cancel out your score completely. Basic math, kiddos.

Alpine Assault
Imagine the remote as your snowboard, holding it out straight and using your wrist to turn.

-Use ramps to both keep your speed and avoid obstacles. 
-Stay steady and try never to hit snowmen head-on, as a side hit won’t cause you to lose as much speed.

At the Chomp Wash
Scrub you're cuddly pet Chomp til he's clean enough to eat off of.

-No need for precision. Scrub fast, like you're tickling him

Attention Grabber
Ripped from the Lost finale, flag down a passing ship by gesticulating like a madman.

-You don’t have to go mimicking your characters movements. Just shake your Remote like a naughty maraca.

Balancing Act
Spin the Wii Remote clockwise and counterclock wise circles, while avoiding Thwomps to make it to the finish.

-Spin counterclockwise to avoid going under Thwomps. But you can rest up against them, so if you’re not in danger of ending up beneath one, as its stomping you can run head long into it. Then kick it into high gear when it rises.

Blazing Lassos
Great us of the Wii Remote. Spin a lasso, throw your loop around a barrel and yank it back.

-The red-striped barrels are worth 50 points, and the purple stripped barrels are 30.
-When you see one of that color rounding the left hand side throw your lasso out.

Bob-ombs Away
Three players attempt to deliver death from above to one player at the bottom of a pachinko board.

-Gasp! You may actually have to team up, or just let your fellow bombers force your target into a corner and Kablooey. If you’re on the receiving end, note the final set of pegs and steer clear of them when bombs are present.

Boo-ting Gallery
A nifty little shooting game that teams you up with another player to blast pink Boos. Then, on to the big pink Boo.

-Your shots have a bit of an arc to them, high shots especially.
-Once you get to the big Boo, rapidly tap the button to fire a barrage of shots while leading him accordingly.

Breakneck Building
Saw, hammer and paint your way across a cavalcade of carpentry.

-For the sawing and hammering, short and fast motions will get the job done quicker.
-As for the painting, straight up and down, vertical strokes are the best means to a fast finish.

Bumper Balloons
Team up with a partner to pop balloons of your cars’ color.

-If possible stay out of the grass. It’ll only slow you down
-If you’re felling mean, have one player go after a member of the opposing team to block him from popping anything

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