Ultimate Mario Party 8 guide


There are six main boards in Mario Party 8, all new, all very distinct. In most modes you’ll roll the dice and walk across a series of squares, trying to make it to a Star goal. In Battle mode (your most likely party mode), each player will roll, move that number of spaces, then all four of you will play a minigame. In Duel and Star Battle Arena Mode you’ll continue to play without minigame interuption, until you land on a VS square or someone uses a Duelo candy successfully. Here is an outline on the squares you’ll encounter.

Each Board will contain:
Blue Squares
-Gives 3 coins
Red Squares
-Takes 3 coins
Lucky Squares
-Takes you to a secret passage with 3 coins on every square and generally offers free stars
-Note: Playing in Star Arena Battle, the Lucky squares become challenge squares
Green Question Mark Squares
-Board specific. Could help or hinder.
Donkey Kong Squares
-Mr. Kong extends a hand
Bowser Squares
-Harmful. Once a player hits a DK space it will turn into a Bowser space
Star Squares
-Get a Star, if you’ve got 20 coins to trade

Note: Not every mode will contain every square on a board.

Donkey Kong’s board is the most traditional of the six. It remains similar in almost every mode with very few differences. It’s a big one, but there are plenty of Star opportunites.

Green Squares
-Monkeys descend on rolling barrels. If you're on the top underneath a ladder you'll lose ten coins. Other times you'll be chased the other way, and will have to painstakingly loop back around
-Native Shyguys will pear you for your precious candy. But they will at least give you 10 coins
-Dizzy Downspot by the big tree. Slide down the flume wrapped around the tree,  collecting coins while using only one move.

Lucky square
-If you’re good fortuned enough to hit this square in front of the Donkey Kong statue and be taken behind the board for plenty of coins and a free star.

DK squares
-Donkey Kong will throw you directly to the Star Square. Pray you have the twenty coins.

Bowser squares
-After a player uses a DK square it becomes Bowser’s. Once you land here he’ll move the score, no doubt infuriating you and/or everyone else.

Green Arrows
-While not entirely a DK square, he does man a series of cannons that’ll can fire you to other areas on the board for 5 coins. It is random though, but it can be helpful if you’re willing to chance it.

-This is a long board so Thrice Dice and Springo candy will help a lot.
-Slowgo candy can come in very handy when wanting to land directly on a DK square. Making sure you have the 20 coins, of course.

This tropical board is a straight line, and at the finish line is a giant Pirate Goomba guarding the board’s only Star (other than the Lucky Star) In Battle mode the Goomba’s Star at the end is free, but in Duel mode and Star Arena Battle, it’ll cost you 50 coins. If you don't have the 50, then it's back to the start with you.

Green Question Mark Squares
-Fishing Pianta will give you free candy
-Pianta will throw you ahead a few spaces
-Watch it: The Green square just before king Goomba will send you all the way back to the start. Really annoying.

Lucky Square
-A dolphin will whisk you away to a sacred island with coins a plenty, plus a star

DK Squares
-Donkey Kong will let you put 5 coins in a barrel and shake it as hard as you can for bonus coins.

Bowser Square
-Flames will appear that you’ll have to jump as they enclose you at varying speeds. Expect to lose coins

-In Battle Mode get to the end as fast as you can and by any means necessary.
-In Star Arena Battle don’t bother paying for the dolphin ride since you’ll need all the coins you can get.
-Other than sparing Springo and extra dice roll usage, eat all the candy you can. Anything that hurt your opponents, either by taking coins or sending them back to the start. Coin count can be what decides the winner in most cases. Plus it’ll help towards a potential bonus Candy Star

It’s hard to know what to expect from this board because it’s randomly generated and you won’t be able to see deadends and turns on the map until at least one player goes there first. King Boo can even rearrange or “makeover” the board. There’ll be a maze of different walk ways, some of which lead to a room where you’ll meet King Boo. He’ll give you Star for a scant 10 coins – Cheap! But once you’ve gotten the Star that room will send you, and anyone who walks in afterwards, back to the start. Some rooms are simply gaping pitfalls that’ll also send you back to the beginning of the board.

Green Squares
-Pickpocket Pinball - a game run by Mowz where you could steal candy, coins and possibly a Star.
-A Mirror that will suck another player to your position
-Pirhana Plants that will swallow up ten of your coins
-A chest will open and feed you candy
-Little Boo’s will swarm out and jack your coins. Cause they’re jerks

Lucky Square
-Head of the board and scamper upstairs for mucho coins and drop into King Boo’s chamber to collect you Star

DK Square
-Donkey Kong will come down from the ceiling, cover a pitfall, and if you’re nice - he’ll give you a Star, too.

Bowser square
-He’ll take one of your stars. Don’t have a Star? He’ll give you ten coins. Huh?

-As you start out it’s best to stay back and let other characters to the leg work, if you can. If they’ve paid the Whomp gaurds to get through that usually means they can’t afford a Star. Save your heavy movement until you know where you’re going.
-Thrice dice candy will become your best friend since you’ll be backtracking. A lot.
-Springo Candy is a great way to catch up after you’ve been expelled from the mansion
-Using lots of candy for extra dice rolls puts you in top position for Running and Candy bonus Stars.
-Even thought you can’t see the entire map, you can see paths that clearly don’t go to a Star room. Pick a different route if need be.

An interesting little train-based board. You start at the caboose and work your way towards the engine room, and then wrap around taking the train’s roof back to the start. In battle mode the conducter will give you a Star whereas in modes like Star Arena Battle you’ll have to give Mrs. Koopa 50 coins in the passenger car for a Star.

Green Question Mark Squares
-The conducter will ask for your help recovering stolen money by asking where you saw a certain character on the train. He’s usually the blue guy in the mask, or Mowz, the little rodent bandit guy.  So make a note of their location when you see them for a reward.
-In the kitchen, the chimney will suck you to the top of the train, and vice versa.
-Magikoopa will physically pick a the car and put it at the end of the train - no matter who’s in or on it.
-Holly Koopa will offer to buy your candy in Battle Mode
-A low hanging barrier will knock all players standing on the top of the train back to the caboose and cost them coinage

Lucky Square
-Will take you to a Payday Waystation for lots of coins and a free Star. Don’t worry, you can get back on.

DK Square
-DK’s engine will pull up, and if you can reach the front first, you’ll get a free Star

Bowser Square
-Bowser’s engine will pull up and take a Star or coins away if you come across him

-Stock up on Thrice and Twice candy since the board is not too long with no branching paths
-Offensive candies work well since there are no branching paths, and you’ll want to keep your opponents as low on coins as possible, so as not to buy a Star first.

Here’s where things get a little tricky. There are no Stars to buy, per say. Instead you’ll invest money into hotels scattered about the city. The highest investor will get the Star from a hotel. But hotels they can also be upgraded. 20 coins equal a 2 Star hotel, 50 equals a 3 Star hotel and 100 coins equal a 4 Star hotel. No matter how many people have money invested Stars will not be split. You’ll retain possesion of all the stars for a hotel as long as you are the highest investor. You can steal a hotel from anyone, as long as you invest at least one coin higher.

Green Square
-A crane will shower coins upon thee
-Koopa Troopa will take you on a ride across town (the board)

Lucky Square
-A Koopa will drive you to the outskirts of town, where the streets are paved with coins and a hotel that rewards at least 2 Stars for any investment.

DK Square
-Mr. Kong will generously invest 20 coins at a hotel in your name

-There are a number of ways to triumph on this board, all with varying degrees of success playing against actual people
- Since it’s somewhat east to loop around on this board, you can start by throw all your money into one hotel, helping it grow and ensuring now one will take it from you.
-Or, you can scatter your money throughout all the hotels, giving you the option of taking the high investor position at your choosing
-You’ll need all the coins you can get here. Thrice and Bitsize candy can be a godsend.

There are no Stars on this board. You literally have to take your opponents stars from them until it hits zero. It’s all reliant on candies and how you use them. Bowser candies have you donning a Bowser suit with two dice rolls, stomping an enemy to steal 2 Stars. Bullet candies give you three dice rolls, and you’ll shot yourself taking 1 Star from anyone you hit. Things get more heated on the board, and things take a little longer.

Green Squares
-Will cause Bowser to reverse the board
-Magikoopa will cruelly exchange your candy with an opponents'
-A tube sucks you up taking you to the other side of the board and dealing 20 coins

Lucky Square
-A ghostly shyguy will land and take you to a special space board, again, with lots of coins and helpfully malicious Bowser and Bullet candy

DK Square
-DK will toss you some candy. Usually something good, too

Bowser Square
-That awful Bowser will take one of your Stars.

-Immediately, do whatever it takes to get a Bowser and Bullet candy.
-Let the enemy stay ahead of you. When you’re close behind hit eat a Bullet candy, you’ll get to roll three items so hopefully you’ll end up close behind him again for a Bowser candy attack. If you’re successful, you’ll wipe him out quickly.
-Avoid attack while an enemy is in a fork in the path. You’ll never know if you’ll go down the right avenue.

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