Two new clips from The Amazing Spider-Man: watch now

The Amazing Spider-Man has released a pair of new clips online, one showing off the film's action, and the other focussing on a snappy exchange between Peter Parker and Captain Stacy.

The first clip shows Spider-Man getting to grips with his newfound abilities, swinging his way through a busy New York street, accidentally getting entangled with a speeding bus and generally whooping it up at the expense of the police force.

The second clip shows Parker sharing his suspicions concerning Curtis Connors with Captain Stacy, claiming that in his spare time, the good doctor likes to transform into a giant lizard. You can imagine how Stacy responds to the accusations…

Take a look at the new clips below…



Denis Leary looks a particularly canny addition to the cast as the long-suffering Stacy, and once again, the script looks set to riff on the story's more outlandish elements to comedic effect. And as for those swinging scenes, well they never fail to get the adrenaline going, do they?

The Amazing Spider-Man opens in the UK on 3 July 2012, having been bumped forwards by one whole day. You lucky, lucky people...



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