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An Adventure In Space And Time wraps filming, Felicia Day gets some flowers from Misha Collins and Nathan Fillion declares his favourite Canadian, all in the latest Tweets of the Week

@mishacollins I just met @feliciaday & brought her flowers, which in hindsight was a bit froward. I lack certain social graces.

If you’re the kind of fan who likes to know when a film or TV show has stopped/started filming, or likes obscure behind the scenes pictures then Twitter is the perfect social network for you. Doctor Who fans have reason to be particularly excited because even though Steven Moffat is still MIA, Mark Gatiss and the team behind 50th anniversary docudrama An Adventure In Space And Time have been tweeting their socks off in recent weeks with updates from the set. Unfortunately, if this is the first you’re hearing about this you’re too late because as the next bunch of Tweets will make abundantly clear, filming wrapped this very week:

@Markgatiss Sadly, the end of the Adventure. But it's far from being all over...

@MattStrevens1 So that's a wrap. It's off down the pub if someone will let me out of this box. Goodbye AAISAT it's been special.

@RealReeceShears This was a special thing to be part of :

In other news @Josh_Friedman had lots of interesting things to say about The Sarah Connor Chronicles (check them out on his feed), but most importantly Nathan Fillion and William Shatner had a brief exchange on Twitter this week (see below). We’re as amazed as you are that the internet’s still standing.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@simonpegg We started shooting Shaun of the Dead 10 years ago this May. Hard to believe it's been on ITV2, a mere 6,748 times since it's release.

@edgarwright Myself and Bill Pope on the set of the World's End. This is my directing face.

‏@NathanFillion @SuziOliphant : @NathanFillion Who is your favorite Canadian?” @WilliamShatner . Hands down.

@WilliamShatner @NathanFillion : “ @SuziOliphant : @NathanFillion Who is your favorite Canadian?” @WilliamShatner . Hands down.” I'm touched! MBB

@GroovyBruce @NathanFillion : “ @lexistential : If you and @ActuallyNPH arm-wrestled, who'd win?” The world. Admit it. You are bored on set right now.

@Josh_Friedman A lot of TSCC fans like to tweet me their anger at Fox 4 canceling show. I've always said--they made a perfectly reasonable biz decision.

Yesterday I may have compared TSCC to The Wire. Let me clarify: The Wire is fuckloads better.

@sebroche Yes I think we need a bit of Balthazar in Supernatural season 9

@DAVID_A_SLADE Saw white walkers while scouting in Toronto forrest yesterday.

@DamonLindelof The light in the cave on the island finally explained.

@MarcW Day 20. Something happened to Matt Tolmach's cab.


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