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A final farewell to Fringe, some sobering thoughts on the end of Alphas and much, much more in the latest Tweets Of The Week

@jonxproductions Here are some cool things from the Sync App from last night's#Fringe... White Tulip...

Anyone who reads SFX , online or in print, will know how much we love Fringe . The show came to an end last Friday night, and was broadcast simultaneously in the UK and the US; little surprise then that #Fringe, #KeepLookingUp and #WeCrossedTheLine (each episode’s dedicated hashtag) were trending for most of the evening (take that Bieber!)

It was a show that found its weird, mutated feet late in its first year on the air, and rarely dipped in quality for its remaining four. A significant part of its continued survival in the cut-throat world of US network TV was the outpouring of support it received online over that half decade, much of which was organised via Twitter. It seems only fitting then that for Fringe ’s final bow we highlight the thoughts and thanks of those involved expressed via Twitter.

@bad_robot #AnalogTweet #FRINGE

@JWFRINGE GO FRINGE! THANK YOU SO MUCH. It cannot be overstated how much I appreciate your love for Fringe. From ALL of US to ALL of YOU. Enjoy XO.

@JPFRINGE Well, this is it. A massive congrats to Anna, Josh, John, Jasika and the single best cast and crew, well, frankly EVER...

... And to the writers of this wonderful season and to JOEL! and Bad Robot. You've all done beautiful work. Massive love to you all...

... And mainly, to YOU, the greatest fans in any universe. You kept the show going. Xxoo

@jonxproductions Some cool things from last night's #Fringe sync app... Here's a look inside the production offices in Vancouver...

The final moment of #Fringe as seen on the bad_robot roof...

@VancityJax Until the end.... Thank you to everyone who has come along this 5 year journey with us.

Bye bye bishops

Congrats Wyman, and Thank you for finishing our story. Sad to see all those names roll for the last time. Much love to la to ny and Vancity

@johnnob58004412 A final farewell. Thank you. It has been an honour.

@lancereddick Here's to the end of FRINGE. Thank you to all our fans everywhere...

@cerveris "The end is in the beginning, and yet you go on." Much Love and Thanks Always to @FRINGEonFOX fans around the world #fringe

The SFX Twitter Stream

@MuseZack TV networks really should consider the long-term damage they do to viewing by canceling fan favorite shows without any kind of closure.

Canceling shows is sometimes a prudent business decision. But not doing a few episodes or a TV movie to wrap up teaches fans not to invest.

@bergopolis Sad to hear about the cancellation of #Alphas , particularly since the show employed several dozen of my friends.

@edgarwright Movie Pitch: In the year 2033, a legion of arched eyebrow assassins emerge, who have grown up consisting only on Sky's 24 hour 007 channel.

@Glinner People who prefer the voiceover version of 'Blade Runner' are CRAZY.

Wil Wheaton @wilw Have realized there are so many things I know nothing about, I may have to change my name to Jon Snow.

@MattStrevens1 Some very exciting news re An Adventure in Space and Time, Dr Who bio we start filming in 2 weeks. I'd tell you but I'd have to kill you.

@radiomaru look at this freakin scott pilgrim sleeve by holy mountain tattoo in england ( )

@Devo_FX Me and @Vandiekins22 after her makeup by us on #Haven . She was really patient and really awesome to work with.

‏@m_giacchino Morning Everyone!!!

@ask1ling It's a Robocop wrap. Thank you Jose Padilha and Samuel L. Jackson for ant enjoyable week.

@SamWitwer Taking a break. Playing #MirrorsEdge . What an incredibly unique game.

@azizansari Amazing! Surprise screening of Star Wars Episode VII at this morning's Illuminati meeting. So great.

@rianjohnson Really enjoyed Mama - it's got that same combo of haunted house creeps & genuine heart that made The Orphanage tick. I COMPEL YOU TO SEE IT.

@sutterink how awesome would it be if lance armstrong denied doping, but told oprah that his home planet exploded and his father sent him to earth.

@WilliamShatner Now repeat after me: Jedis and Yoda: Science Fantasy Starfleet and Tricorders: Science Fiction MBB

@DamonLindelof Just to be absolutely clear. 1952, directed by Brad Bird, will NOT be in 3D. We are, however, considering Smell-O-Vision.

@ManMadeMoon Hope you lot are as excited as I am about the Walking Dead episode with Zombowie! (cheers to @iamjustinwright for pic)

@IanMcKellen well done Wolverine: love Eric

@TheRealNimoy Watching "Argo"and suddenly there's Spock in the final scene. LLAP

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