Turok gnaws your skull off

10 reasons why the new Turok is worth pissing your pants over

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10) Gory deaths

Though primarily a first-person shooter, Turok switches to third person whenever Jo gets mangled by a dino. Fail to dodge and you%26rsquo;re forced to hack away to bust free. Developers Propaganda are big F.E.A.R. fans and aim to make Turok terribly terrifying. Alas, the gore quotient is still a bit low for our tastes %26ndash; ramp the entrails up please fellas!

9) Squad damage

Far from being a tough company commander, Turok begins this mission as a lowly grunt in Whiskey Company. Led by Logan the badass, you%26rsquo;ll be part of a team - though comrades won%26rsquo;t be under your direct control. Opt for a stealthy approach and they%26rsquo;ll automatically hang back, but charge on in and these bloodthirsty psychos will be more than happy to accompany you into the fray.


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