Trophy Hunter Cheats

Trophy Hunter Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Adam Gill

    Infared vision

    While hunting type bgpredator for infared vision.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Many Cheat Codes

    Enter these codes at the hunt view screen. You must enter them quickly or they won't work.

    * bgbarbecue -- Gives you a rocket launcher
    * bgweather -- Changes the weather
    * bgsniper -- toggles weapon wobble on/off

    Type these codes at the map view screen:

    * bgshow -- shows all animals on the map
    * bgtrack -- moves the hunter quickley
    * bgurine -- attracts animals to you
    * bgvampire -- shows blood trail on map

    Type these codes at the main menu:

    * bghorns -- get only sheep
    * bgyogi -- get only bear
    * bgelkabong -- get only elk
    * bgbullwinkle -- get only moose
    * bgnoah -- double the number of animals
    * bgsteroids -- creates maximum-sized animals

  • PC | Submitted by Anonymous

    Instant Grizzly Attack

    While Playing type BGMEAT for a grizzly attack