Tron 2 plot details downloaded

The first major plot information for the Tron sequel has arrived online.

Courtesy of Ain’t It Cool News’s source, we now know how Jeff Bridges’ Kevin Flynn fits into the new film’s story. Suffice to say, spoilerphobes should stop reading now.

The film kicks off in 1989 with Flynn a successful computer games designer and rich man based on the merchandise he created from his experiences in the computer.

But he disappears one day, leaving his 7-year-old son Sean behind and pal Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) steps up to run his company.

Cut to the present day and a twenty something Sean (Garret Hedlund) gets information from Alan that leads him to go looking for his dad – the search takes him to Kev’s old arcade game.

In an utterly predictable twist, Sean is sucked into the computer world where he discovers his father has created a character (a version of his younger self) to care for the place in his absence, but that the proxy has become corrupted and is a dictator.

There’s a resistance movement made up of programs called ISOs who think Sean may be the key to freeing them from his evil influence. Oh, and they also need to find Flynn the elder, last seen pootling about the tech-world on a Light Cycle.

We’re promised Cycles, Light Jets (which work much the same way) and a big disc battle.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Let’s hope it lives up to the spiel…

[Source: AICN ]

Are you excited for the new Tron? Or don’t you buy into the hype?


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