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Triple Play '97 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Triple Play '97 Cheats

  • Cornfield

    from the Select Stadium screen, press up, down, right, up, down, left, up.
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  • Monster Home Run:

    hold down the 1, 2, and 7 number keys while swinging.
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  • Mystery Stadium

    from the Select Stadium screen, press the arrow keys (or directional buttons on a gamepad) in this order: right, left, up, left, down, right, left.
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  • How to Hit the Ball

    Entry location: The following can be used in any combination, i.e. depress the 1,2 and 7 keys for a home run, etc.
    Bunt: Depress the 1 and 6 keys simultaneously.
    Ground Ball: Depress the 1 and 4 keys simultaneously.
    Line Drive: Depress the 1 and 3 keys simultaneously.
    Long Fly Ball: Depress the 1 and 2 keys simultaneously.
    Pop Up: Depress the 1 and 5 keys simultaneously.
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