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Triple Play 2000 Cheats

  • 3 Outs

    During play hold L + Z + R and press Down, Up
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  • Home Run Sounds

    After hitting a home run press C-Up or C-Right to get air horns and C-Down to get whistles.
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  • Instant 3 Ball Count

    During play hold Z + R + L and press Up, DownDuring play hold Z + R + L and press Up, Down
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  • Add One Run For Home Team

    Hold R + Z + L and press C-Left, C-Left during Play
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  • Add One Run For Visiting Team

    Hold R + Z + L and press C-Right, C-Right during Play
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  • Get Homer

    While at bat Hold L + R + Z and press (Left, Right repeatedly) until a sound is heard before receiving the first pitch. Must re-enter if a strike is called
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  • Super homer

    When you are batting hold L,R,and Z then press left,up,left,up you will hear a click sound that means it's in correct and swing away.(note: it will not work if the pitcher does a pitch out)
    Submitted by sky55
  • Run Through Wall

    First, select playoff. Then you should be the padres. Once you take the field don't pitch the ball. Through to the first baseman (c-right)run all the way to the corner in right field andrun through the wall.
    NOTE: make sure that you are complety in the back!
    Submitted by Dudeman
  • 3 Strikes On Batter

    When a player comes up to bat put in Right, Up, Right, Up and throw a ball and the player will be struck out.
    Submitted by bigboos3

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