Transformers: War for Cybertron Emblem Guide

Chapter 2 – Fuel of War


6. CheckPoint: Kaon Cliffs 

As soon as you start the chapter, head forward and up to the first column that spans across the area. The emblem will be sitting on top.

7. CheckPoint: Energon Reservoir 

After the autobots lock you out on your way to find the underground entrance, you will head down a shaft on the right side of the room. Once you reach the bottom, immediately look to the left to see the emblem behind some pipes there.

8. CheckPoint: Energon Reservoir 

Once you are flying through the caverns, you will reach some Autobots and a spinning fan at the end. When you reach that, do a 180 turn and head to the back wall. Make a left around the corner at the far end to find the next emblem.

9. CheckPoint: Nearing the Energon Bridge 

Once you descend the caverns again in the tunnel with the pistons that are extending and retracting, you will come to a waterfall ahead of you and a path that goes to the left. Fly through the waterfall to find the next emblem.

10. CheckPoint: Autobot Command Station 

Once you open the locks in the large room that's swarming with Autobots and has two turrets on the upper level, enter the next room through the door at the bottom of the ramp. Head left and fly up to the left hand side corner to find the emblem in a small alcove there between some boxes.


Chapter 3 – Iacon Destroyed


11. CheckPoint: Infiltrating Iacon 

As you make your way to the Stellar Galleries, you will encounter some snipers. Clear them and head across a bridge. Look up on the wall above the entrance to find the first emblem chilling out there.

12: CheckPoint: Iacon City Subsystems 

When you pop the locks on the door and then send it falling to its doom, you will enter a room with a few spinning blades. Hop on the first blade and let it take you around to the far side. There the emblem will be on the pillar just begging for you to shoot it.

13. CheckPoint: Autobot Transit System 

As you enter the second room where the Autobots are getting off the train, clear the room and then head to the far side. Hop up on top of the rain, then the ledge to the right and look to the right, down the tunnel. In the opening will be an emblem on the other side of the force field at the top.

14. CheckPoint: Assault the Anti-Air Guns 

When you reach the "destroy the anti-aircaft guns" objective, the next emblem will be down on the bottom floor beside the door way that leads you up to the controls for the guns. Before entering the doorway, make a quick left and the emblem will be on the wall there.

15. CheckPoint: Inside the Iacon Vaults 

Once you enter the vault doors and Zeta Prime is harassing you with his hologram images, there will be pillars that come crashing down in a hallway. Enter the doorway and look behind you to the top of the doorway to find an emblem in a tricky spot.


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