Transfer your Miis to the 3DS, but not the other way

Advanced 3DS features can't transfer to the Wii

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The Nintendo 3DS will have a nifty feature for Wii owners, which lets users transfer their Mii avatars over to the 3D handheld device. Unfortunately, the move is a one way trip.

According to Nintendo of America marketing manager Bill Trinen, you won’t be able to transfer Nintendo 3DS Mii avatars over to the Wii. “The Mii Maker on the Nintendo 3DS is a more robust program and has newer features, like hairstyles and eyes and things like that,” explained Trinen speaking to Joystiq.

Because of that, “the Miis you create there can’t go back to the Wii… It’s a one way transfer.”

Above: Miis on the march

While it’s unfortunate that 3DS Miis can’t make the trek over to your Wii, it’s good to Nintendo fleshing out the Mii Maker. The connectivity between 3DS and Wii systems will be wireless, but beyond the Mii transfer, Nintendo isn’t talking about any other data that can be shared between the two.

Jan 20, 2011