Trailer Trash #4

Against a sky of jet black, in a field of indistinct gray shapes, a big cat-like thing is doing… some boring RTS junk. Yeah, the game might be fantastic, but this trailer doesn’t really show it off.

Scribblenauts – Trailer

Scribblenauts’ central vanity is that you write something on the bottom screen, and it appears on the top screen. It actually looks kinda fun, but we bet we can think of some stuff to write that wouldn’t actually appear.

Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball - Trailer

Great, more shovelware for the Wii. This “rivalry” was already played out when it showed up last year on XBLA, and the game itself was nothing to look twice at. At least this trailer spared us the usual cutaway shots of perfectly coiffed Wii lifestyle gamers.