Trailer Showdown

Two trailers have appeared online today: new promos for Vikings vs Aliens adventure Outlander and mentalist action flick Crank 2.

They’re both a little… out there. So we thought we’d let you decide which is maddest.

First up... Crank 2!


Crank 2: High Voltage

You’ve likely seen the utterly insane red-band footage for Crank 2 that arrived online late last year. But if you haven’t, you’re probably out of luck – it’s been all but wiped from the web.

Thankfully, the replacement is a new trailer that loses some of the ultra-violent intensity, but still does a good job of illustrating just how wacked-out High Voltage will be.

Jason Statham returns as Chev Chelios, this time stuck with an electric heart that he has to keep charged. How does he do this? By attaching himself to cars, sticking his finger in cigarette lighters, and having vigorous sex with Amy Smart. Ace.

We're giving this one a Nutso Factor of 9 .

On to Outlander...



While this one doesn’t boast Statham or Amy Smart, it does feature John Hurt chewing scenery like it tastes of Werther’s Originals, and Jim Caviezel probably wondering why he signed up for the silliness in the first place.

There's also lots of hairy Viking types running scared from a massive alien beastie that, as Caviezel explains is “just a smudge of light in the darkness… It kills men… beasts... everything… And it smells like death.” Lovely.

At least it looks better than Pathfinder. But then, getting hit in the genitals with a rake would be more enjoyable than that. We’ll give Outlander a Nutso Factor of 7.3 . Must try harder.

Now give us your scores. Are you revved up to see Crank? Do you think we’ll ever see Outlander in the UK? Speak!


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