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Traffic Giant Cheats

  • Make your vehicles faster cheaper and other good things

    When you want to use this code you first have to go to the map of Traffic Giant. If you are there you have to go to missions. There you see a lot of names of places. I will make an example whit Limington. You have to copy all the files that have Limington in the name into another map because if you want to disable the cheat you will need that. Then you have to open all the programs whit Limington in it (in the normal map)one by one. On one you will see all the names off the vehicles and after that a lot of numbers. You can change that numbers in whatever you want and look in the game what happens. If you want to disable the cheat just delete the old files and put back the files from the other map.
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  • More Money

    Name one of your lines Gladstone (Must be a capital G)
    Submitted by Jimi
  • Win Scenerio Fast !!!!!

    Name one of your lines Gearloose (mustbe a capital G) Good Luck
    Submitted by Jimi

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