Total Recall remake gears up

Hollywood has been threatening for ages to sequelise or remake Total Recall, and now producer Neal Moritz is making it happen for Sony.

Yes, Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 actioner is getting the reboot treatment, with Moritz and co hoping that a new version of the film can wipe our brains and make us appreciate it with fresh, bulging, oxygen-starved eyes.

For the three of you who’ve never heard of the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring original, the Austrian Oak plays Douglas Quaid, construction worker haunted by dreams of a trip to Mars.

He visits a company called Rekall Inc, which implants memories of a Martian holiday, but complications lead to him starting to believe he’s a secret agent fighting to help overthrow the despotic ruler of a colony on the planet.

Turns out he’s not dreaming it all up! Sort of… It’s based on Philip K Dick’s story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, which plays with the notion of memory and delusion, but which was adapted into a typically OTT Verhoeven action movie.

Still, it’s a hell of a lot of fun and any new version will have to seriously compete. Moritz told The Hollywood Reporter that he hopes advancements in effects technology can breathe new life into the story.

Yeah, that’s comforting. But if they can hire Verhoeven to channel his '80s/'90s self... we'd watch.

[Source: THR ]

A new Total Recall… Ready to embrace it? Or do you hate the whole idea?


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